Rap Monster. Real name Kim Namjoon. Born on September 12th 1994. During my underground days, I used the stage name Runch Randa. I got that name from the character my friend (who introduced me to rap) and I were taking care of in Maple Story. I read lots of books and all sorts of writings while writing rap lyrics to increase my vocabulary. It didn’t really work out after debuting though, because we’re so busy. But if I ever get an idea or remember good words, I always right them down on a notepad. At one point, my nickname was “Dance Prodigy" - I was so bad at dancing that my dance teacher and the company staff called me that. The difference between the things I’m good at and the things I’m bad at is extremely obvious. I thought “Ah, that’s not my speciality. Everyone has their own thing, and there are just some things you shouldn’t do." about dancing. But turns out, it wasn’t impossible. Nowadays I’m told that I actually dance like a normal person. The members might not agree with that, though. (laughs) Although I don’t show it, I’m really nervous on stage. I used to watch people on TV walk out from behind LED doors on Mnet <M! Countdown> so actually doing it was fascinating and nerve-racking. I once went on stage without my microphone pack so I started fretting about that also. But when I got on stage, I got the feeling that I was in charge of the place. I think you need that kind of mentality when doing hip-hop. Because I have a fierce image, I often think “I’m the best here." But unlike what you see, I have a shy personality in real life. The members tell me that there’s a big gap from me on stage and off-stage. (Suga: On stage, he wears sunglasses and has a powerful image but he actually likes cute things. He keeps the <Pocket Monster> ball he received at a fansign on his bed.) I have a habit of singing loudly at night in the dorm. I always sing so I never thought that it’d affect the members. I realized that after a while but the members never said anything - probably because I’m the leader and I was the first member in the dorm. (laughs) I think I’ve improved by 7, 80% now. I always check the current affairs and general topics in the news. It’s easy to neglect things happening around the world because of our busy schedules. I don’t like that so I check the news. If I ever have a girlfriend who isn’t an idol, I want to write them a song that apologizes for being an idol. Imagine how much the girl would dislike the fact that I’m an idol, since I’m always busy and because there are so many other fans who like me even though she’s there. I would like her to know that ‘I’m a much better person than you think.’ It’s because no matter what others do or say, I know myself the best. Also, even though this may make me sound arrogant, I want to say that I haven’t shown half of half of my abilities. I have a lot of charms and hope to show them in the future.

Source: ize.co.kr
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