oh oh oh 5만을 사랑해~~ 아 아 아 아 마니~마니해~~http://t.co/fw57FlMQmh

oh oh oh 50k I love you~~ ah ah ah ah a lot~a lot~~http://t.co/E5bgm1jslq (T/N: They’re playing with SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ lyrics)

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans 
‎#방탄소년단 엠카운트다운 스페셜 무대! 댄스 스테이지 어떠셨나요? 멋진 날라차기!- 를 보여준 지민과 복면소년들 제이홉&정국이에게 박수를 부탁드려요!^3^ pic.twitter.com/dCQI89omjn

[BTS OFFICIAL] #방탄소년단 M!Countdown special stage! How was the dance stage? it was a great kick!- that Jimin and the masked boys J-HOPE and Jungkook showed, a big applause for them please! ^3^

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans 
오늘 멋진무대, 복면쓰고 나온 깨알같은 주인공 들입니다 @-@ 크크크 오늘 멋있었나요?? pic.twitter.com/vDuGfjeqJZ

[J-HOPE] Today’s cool stage, we’re the sesame grain-like heroes who appeared wearing masks @-@ keukeukeu were we cool today?? pic.twitter.com/vDuGfjeqJZ

Note: He means ‘small’.

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans 
사진찍다가 딱걸린 슈가형 pic.twitter.com/9Wi8ACSk0P

[JIMIN] Caught SUGA-hyung who is taking photos pic.twitter.com/9Wi8ACSk0P

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans 

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