130619 -TWITTER - Hot Debut! 방탄소년단도 오늘 쇼챔에 첫 출근도장 쾅!쾅! 단독 셀카를 위해 카메라주위를 멤돌던 뷔는 정국이와 한 컷^^ 반가운 얼굴들이 많은 오늘의 쇼챔피언 잠시후 6시 본방!

[SHOWCHAMPION] Hot debut! First check-in to work stamps for Bangtan boys, too! Slam! Slam! One cut with Jungkook who’s been meandering around the camera for a solo photo ^^ Today’s Show Champion full of delightful faces at 6!

trans cr; Juliana @ bts-trans 

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