Currently rising as power rookies, BTS participated in its first photo shoot ever for star and style magazine, The Star
On July 2, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that the spread for The Star was taken when BTS was only six days old since debut.

Despite still being babies in the industry, the BTS members appeared as if they were made for the camera in the photos revealed. 

During the interviews, the BTS members talked about their anticipation to make their debut stage, which was later met positive response. 

“We’re really nervous, but still excited. This year’s goal is to win the rookie award. Isn’t winning the rookie award proof that you made it out alive amongst all the groups that debut in one year?”

Unlike their title song, No More Dream„ the BTS members seemed to have many dreams, one of which was to become the best rap stars in Korea in ten years. 

The full spread and interview will be included in the July issue. 

Photo Credit: The Star



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