Q1: Real name.

Kim Taehyung.

Q2: Hometown.

Daegu → Kojang → Daegu → Seoul

Q3: Nickname and how do you want to be called by the Japanese fans.

“Mongtae” (The word ‘mong’ that means that he’s daydreaming and ‘Tae’ from his name), TaeTae.

Q4: An artist or song that has influenced you.

Eric Benet and so.

Q5: Your dream when you were young.


Q6: A word you like (motto).

I just came up with it but, “Let’s live coolly to the maximum”. Since the life happens only once, waking up at ease in the morning and then working doing your best.

Q7: If you were to represent/express BTS now with a color, what color would it be?

On the stage black, off the stage white. (Jin:  you want to imitate me right?)

Q8: What music have you recently been listening to?

Migel,The Weeknd.

Q9: Something you do every day without fail.

I watch one anime episode. I watch a lot of Japanese animes! Lately I’m watching Fairy Tail. Also, I write something on twitter or the fancafe everyday and I make the hyungs angry every day.

Q10: A happening that made you cry recently?

I cried when I signed the contract after embracing my parents. My parents live in Geoje island.

Q11: When you are in trouble/worried who do talk to?

Jimin and Jin. (Jin: eh, when did you consult me? –laughs-).Rather than consulting I ask advice from them. Since Jimin is the same age as me is easy to talk to.

Q12: What do you want to do if you had a lover?

Going to the super in autumn to buy Ebisen (a sweet made with starch andshrimp) and then going to the park to feed the pigeons with it.

Q13: A member that seems like he’d have a girlfriend older than him and a member that seems like he’d have one younger than him.

Older → Jimin

Younger → Suga

Q14: if you had to compare the members to non-humans, what would they be?

Rap monster → Soccer player

Jin → Prince

Suga → Baseball player’s 3rd batter/hitter

J-HOPE → A deer

Jimin → Jeju’s Dol hareubang (stone statue)

Jungkook →A younger cousing

Q15: If you had the power of talking to non-humans, to what would you like to talk to?


Source/scans: bts_japan & bangbangtan0612

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V. Real name Kim Taehyung. Born on December 30th 1995. The members call me 4D. I don’t really know why they do that. (Rap Monster: When he has a blank expression like he does right now, he seems really 4D / J-Hope: I think V would have a lot of charms to show off in variety shows because of his 4D-ness.) When I’m on the top bunk and watch animations, the members stare at me as if saying “That…addict." But after Jin hyung came into the dorm, I learned that we had a lot of the same hobbies. Hyung has a clean and prince-like feeling to him but he actually really likes animations, just like me. (Jin: Being clean and liking animations don’t link with each other!) These days whenever there’s a new animation, we talk about watching it together. I watched all the episodes of <Digimon Adventure> Also, <Wolf Children> and <The Girl Who Leapt Through Time> and other works of the director Hosoda Mamoru are my current favorites. I like almost all of the cartoons on Tooniverse and I think I’ve watched most of them. I was so moved after watching a video of Danny Jung and started playing the saxophone for three years. However, I suddenly got interested in dancing and decided to take a different path. I quit only a bit after changing from the classic saxophone to a jazz saxophone so I don’t know if I’m still as good as I was before. But I think I played really well three years ago. Clap! I don’t practice any individual talents on my own. I don’t prepare anything. I just do anything that suits the situation and think what should I do today? Should I try this? But……there are lots of times when I can’t come up with anything. (laughs) I was really sad when I couldn’t film any logs (videos that the Bangtan members take themselves and upload onto their blog). I followed the hyungs whenever they filmed a log, but couldn’t actually upload any of mine on the blog. I sat by myself and said “It’s this month and this date 2013, today I did this, this won’t go on the blog, right? I’m sad." I was also there when they filmed their group log, it’s just that I wasn’t shown on screen - I was actually standing by the trashcan. When I was revealed as a Bangtan member, I received exactly one letter. I was so happy. I didn’t sleep until 4:00 am and read it about fifteen times. I kept showing it off to the hyungs. I made a lot of mistakes during the part of ‘No More Dream’ when I have to throw off my glasses. The glasses are in my back pocket that has a zipper on it and once I had to make glasses with my fingers, and there has been several situations in which I threw my glasses off so hard I couldn’t find them after the performance. I don’t usually cry while watching movies. I’ve cried recently though, when I watched <Miracle in Cell No. 7> with Jin hyung. I cried as if someone had turned on a faucet in my eyes. I haven’t been in a serious relationship yet. I want to marry my first love and be with them forever. 

Source: ize.co.kr
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태태매거진에서 왔는데요. 사진한장만 찍을수있을까요~??pic.twitter.com/JIksDGt5Ed

I’ve come from Taetae Magazine. Can I take at least one photo~??

Note: he’s probably playing with his real name.

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오랜만에 학교갔다왔어요~ 흐흐 가서 방학식하구왔지용~pic.twitter.com/n75GD34EWN

[V] After a long time I went to school~ heuheu I went for the vacation ceremony~

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아이라인찐하뷔~ pic.twitter.com/ehM7OFeayy
[V] V with thin eyeliner~

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뷔타임~ 더운데 질문던져줘요~v pic.twitter.com/Rc0rTJdHUK

[V] V-Time~ It’s hot but throw your questions~ v

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저는 여행하러 갈때가 가장 행복해요~
[V] I’m the happiest when I’m going on a trip~

질문3개끝~ 며칠전찍은사진으로 마무리하게씀돠 감사합니당~ pic.twitter.com/lp7p4c0nvq
[V] Finished answering to 3 questions~ I’ll finish with this photo I took a few days ago, thanks~

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오늘도 뷔가오죠잉~? 비 안 맞게 조심하세용~ pic.twitter.com/F0sGxHeNRj

[V] It’s raining today too~? be careful not to get soaked/wet~ 

Note: He was playing around with his name (V) and the Korean word for rain.

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오늘은 인터뷰의날~ 뷔가 많이오네요.. 어흥 pic.twitter.com/gfZdRFcZZb

[V] Today is the day of the interview~ It’s V/raining a lot…

Note: he made a pun using his name (V) instead of using the word for ‘rain’ since they sound similar.

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