언제나 내 사랑 아미들,

여러분이 최고에요.

언제나 감사해요! 


Always my love, the ARMYs,

You’re the best.

I’m always thankful!

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Q1: Real name.

Park Jimin.

Q2: Hometown.

Busan. A genuine Busan man.

Q3: Nickname and how do you want to be called by the Japanese fans.

In Japan I want it to have a more ‘intimate/close’ feeling so “Jimin-chan” (laughs)

Q4: An artist or song that has influenced you.

Watching Rain-sunbaenim I aimed at being a singer. And when I was a trainee SOL (BIGBANG’s Taeyang) and Chris Brown influenced me.

Q5: Your dream when you were young.

I had lots of dreams, I even wanted to be a mechanized human from Galaxy Express 999.

Q6: A word you like (motto).

“Let’s become cool/handsome”. I want to become a cool person outside and inside.

Q7: If you were to represent/express BTS now with a color, what color would it be?


Q8: What music have you recently been listening to?

Chris Brown.

Q9: Something you do every day without fail.

Practicing. I upload a photo onto twitter everyday to share it with the fans.

Q10: A happening that made you cry recently?

When I signed my contract with the company. After my parents left I talked with them on the phone and I cried in my room.

Q11: When you are in trouble/worried who do talk to?

I generally solve it myself. If I can’t, I talk with V.

Q12: What do you want to do if you had a lover?

I’m the type that does a lot and wants to give but first I want to hold hands!

Q13: A member that seems like he’d have a girlfriend older than him and a member that seems like he’d have one younger than him.

Older → Jin

Younger → V

Q14: if you had to compare the members to non-humans, what would they be?

Jungkook → a dog without collar

V → A pony that deviated from his reins

Rap Monster  → a lion that even if you catch it, it breaks everything and escapes again

Suga  → That lion’s trainer                        

Jin  → Grandma

J-HOPE  →The 2nd grandma (laughs)

Q15: If you had the power of talking to non-humans, to what would you like to talk to?

Dogs and animals.

Source/scans: bts_japan & bangbangtan0612

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Jimin. Real name Park Jimin. Born on October 13th 1995. I was actually looking forward to what kind of stage name I’d receive. Some of the choices were Baby J, Baby G, and Young Kid, but we eventually decided to use my real name. (Suga: We all agreed that “Jimin" sounded the best.) I see my face every day so I just think “Did my face change a bit?" but people around me tell me that I’ve lost a lot of weight. My parents worry about me a lot because they only see me a few times a year and ask me if I’m eating properly. I personally feel that I’ve become more handsome after dieting when….fans take nice pictures of me? (laughs) I eat the same things as the other members but exercise more. I didn’t really feel anything when I first started developing abs but when I first stood on stage, people’s reactions were good so my thoughts on that have changed a bit. (Jin: Jimin’s body was really good when I first met him.) I didn’t talk about that because it’s embarrassing. (laughs) During the ‘No More Dream’ choreography, there’s a part when I kick all the hyungs while they’re standing in a line, but I always feel really sorry for kicking them so hard. Once I kicked Rap Monster hyung so hard he ‘disappeared’ for a while. While doing the next part of the choreography, all I can think is “Ah, I’m so sorry. What should I do. Are they hurt?" (Jungkook: You can actually hear the kicking sound.) I danced popping since 8th grade and gained interest in this kind of career after watching Rain sunbaenim’s performances. After that, I moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after my dance teacher suggested I audition for an entertainment company. While doing modern dance, I once danced TVXQ sunbaenims’s “Mirotic" with my friends and the reaction was really good. It was to the extent that….I felt like I had become a celebrity. (laughs) (Jungkook: Hyung said that there were girls waiting for him outside the bathroom.) It’s my first and last memory. My first log was done when I could barely open my eyes. It was right after I had finished my dance lesson so my face was a mess and there were eight other people in the room at the time so I felt really awkward. I could’ve filmed more comfortably if I were alone. I was last to be added to the group so that’s why I practice so hard. (Jin: Jimin practices whenever he has free time; he has an addiction to practicing. He sleeps three hours a day, and he practices so much it makes me worried that he might die practicing.) Once I wrote lyrics and brought them to Suga hyung but he said “You call these lyrics?" He told me to bring lyrics that we could actually use in a song. (Suga: He wrote lyrics that sounded like a children’s song.) I have a lot of know-how in skincare. I take a long time cleansing and put on moisturizer straight after washing my face. The main point is to put it on three seconds after drying your face with a towel.

Source: ize.co.kr
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19금이네요ㅋㅋ 전 이제 레슨가요!pic.twitter.com/Xg0IYsr7EQ

[JIMIN] It’s R-19 kkk Now I’m off to the lessons!

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정말 평온하고
느긋하고 온화한 남자의 냄새가
나지않아요?ㅎㅎ @^@ pic.twitter.com/5tizi4HyQB
[JIMIN] Don’t I smell (or give the feeling) of being a very calm, relaxed and gentle man? heuheu

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다이나믹 듀오 선배님들께 싸인씨디 받았어요! 너무기쁜나머지 받자마자 인증샷!ㅎ pic.twitter.com/8BjlmtmVbY

[JIMIN] I received a signed CD from Dynamic Duo sunbaenims! I was really happy when I received it so I took a certification shoot/photo!

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오늘 끝까지 기다려주신 팬분들 정말감사합니다!! 완전힘났어요~쵝오! 더욱더 열심히 할께요! pic.twitter.com/fxzezxbLI6

[JIMIN] Thanks a lot to all the fans who waited until the end! You totally made us feel stronger~ the best! Even though it’s hot we’ll do our best!

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아침부터 비가오네요~
감수성이 깊은 저는 먼가.. 뭉클해지는..
힘내서 인터뷰하러 가구있어요ㅎ
튼튼한 우산 들고나가요! pic.twitter.com/ZrCSmHbUpI

[JIMIN] It’s been raining since morning~
I feel sensitive, I’m far… I’m touched…
It’s a joke heu kk
We’re off to do an interview, I’ll do my best heu
Let’s go out with a strong umbrella!

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지금은 연습을 하기위해 연습실에 와 있다 오바 ! 여러분은 뭐하시는가 오바! pic.twitter.com/RV7V0NVt7Z

[JIMIN] Right now we’ve just come to the practice room in order to rehearse, over! What are you all doing? over! pic.twitter.com/RV7V0NVt7Z

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오늘 비오는데도 저희 보러와주신 여러분 정말로 감사드려요ㅜㅜ 못들어오신 분들도 있다고 해서 제 맘이 아팠답니다!ㅜ 저의 댄스는 잘보셨나요? 떨려서 다리가 후들 했어요! 으아 pic.twitter.com/dA1ONDAaNt

[JIMIN] Even if it was raining today, I’m really thankful to all the people who came ㅜㅜ
My heart aches since there were people who couldn’t come! ㅜ
Did you see our dance well?
I was nervous so my leg was shaking! uwah

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