Suga. Real name Min Yoongi. Born on March 9th 1993. There was a stage name I used as a lyricist in Daegu. I wanted to use that but people said it had no impact and that I should have a prettier name so Bang Sihyuk PD and I came up with a few ideas. Out of those choices, he said “Suga" suited me best so that’s how I got this name. It’s kind of a dazzling name but I think that’s what people wanted. It’s a name that contradicts the image I have on stage. When I first came to Seoul and went to the recording studio, Rap Monster and two other trainees were wearing Adidas tracksuits in different colors - blue, green, and black. I felt like I had to buy one too, so I got a blue tracksuit. (laughs) The name Bangtan was finalized before we even thought of other names. There were a few other suggested names, though. Young Nation, Big Kids, and a few others were candidates but we decided that Bangtan sounded cooler. I decided to pursue a career in music after hearing Stony Skunk sunbaenim’s “Ragga Muffin" in 6th grade. I chose to rap after listening to “Fly" by Epik High sunbaenims. I had some basic Midi gear that was essential in music-making before entering the company. They were things that I had bought as a lyricist after saving up enough money by walking around for two hours every day and skipping dinner every day. But all the equipment in our logs are things that Bang Sihyuk PD gave us. (laughs) In our pre-debut song “Satoori Rap", I rap in my native Daegu satoori. My satoori is kind of awkward now because I’ve fixed it, but it’ll be solved with a quick visit to Daegu. In one of the lyrics that I wrote in 2011, there’s a part that says “My rapping makes Superstar K’s Huh Gak gasp~" I had that much confidence in myself but as my training period got longer, I couldn’t help but think “I’m only worth this much. Should I just give up?" Even while saying that, I always wrote raps at midnight and trained a lot. My role is to nag or scold the younger members when they make a mistake. It’s because I’m the only member in the group who can speak harshly. I have an honest and blunt personality so if I feel that something isn’t right, I always speak up about it. I’ve posted it on Twitter before but once I get all the necessary supplies, I’d really like to have a cooking battle. Jin hyung is good at cooking but I also have some know-how that I’ve collected. (laughs) On Twitter, I use the words "슙슙" and "응캬캬" frequently. There are people who like it and people who say it’s greasy. My real personality isn’t aegyo-y like that and I’m actually quite straightforward. I just write like that because I want to do that with fans. You could say that it’s my special way of showing fans that I like them. 

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