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지금 열심히 창원내려가고있어요 슈가형이랑 저빼고 다들 꿈나라에서 놀구있답니다~ 심심해! ., 아리랑때찍은 사진은 서비스~~ pic.twitter.com/JDkAjrJMhZ

[JIMIN] We’re currently going to Changwon. Let’s all play in dreamland except for Suga and me~ Boring!…, as service here you’ve a photo I took in Arirang~~

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans 
그리고 진형은 제 옆에서 코코 잠들었지요 하하핫 @~@ pic.twitter.com/EGuWQCzjBs

[JIMIN] Also, Jin-hyung is sleeping beside me hahahat @~@

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans 
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