Rap Monster

My nicknames - 
RapMon, God of Destruction. Strangely, everything I touch breaks. The legs of my sunglasses snap off, or the refrigerator handle falls off. Because of that, I got the nickname God of Destruction.
My image before debuting - A neat and quiet student.
Adjusting to idol life - The one and only thing that makes me think “I’m really a singer now" is when I perform at music shows.
My ideal type - A feminine girl with pale skin.
An episode while you were a trainee - Dancing is not my thing. There were multiple times when I thought about running away while taking dance classes. These days the members call me “Dance Prodigy" Of course, they mean it in an ironic way.
One day I will also - Will there be a day when Bangtan tops the charts? 
How to enjoy hip-hop - Don’t think of it as something difficult. The genre that anyone can dance along to and enjoy - that’s hip-hop.
Bang Sihyuk PD is? - To the public, he’s somebody who makes stinging remarks, but when he listens to music with a good beat and praises it, he shows his boyish side.
An episode after debuting - During a music show, my in-ear piece fell out so I missed a few bars of the intro. I got scolded severely but because of this incident, I’ve gotten into the habit of meticulously preparing and checking myself.
To the members - Let’s meet sometimes for a long time. It’s the title of a song by Dynamic Duo sunbaenims, but if you think about it, it actually has a good meaning behind it. Just because I remembered it. 


My nicknames - Pink Princess. When Bangtan’s profiles were first released, fans gave me this nickname after learning that I like the color pink and cooking. 
My image before debuting -The cute maknae who always listened to his parents.
My charms  - My full bottom lip. The back of my head is round.
Attractive points - As a trainee, I practiced taking photos. While practicing, I learned that my right jawline is attractive.
Members’ secrets - On a very tiring day, roommate Jimin fell off from his bed with a loud thudding sound. Both Jimin and I were very embarrassed. 
Things I want to steal from other members - Jimin’s abs.
When someone tells me I’m handsome - I’m always happy to hear that. These days, I also like hearing that I’m cute.
Something that made me happy recently - I’m usually a really hard-working person. It’s chaos when all seven members wake up at the same time so I feel more comfortable waking up earlier than the others to start getting ready. A while ago, I woke up two hours earlier (as usual) and ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and felt very happy. The quietness and relaxing feeling.
The best part about debuting - This is the first time I’ve received so many letters. Apart from letters from my family. I’m so thankful that fans send me so many letters. I re-read all of them and talk to myself. Saying thank you. 


My nicknames - Hope, Smile Hoya. I got these nicknames because my name is J-Hope.
My image before debuting - A passionate child who liked dancing.
When I was younger - I was quite famous in the Gwangju underground. Rapping, dancing, and singing was my life. 
To me, Bangtan is? - Another me.
A song to listen to on rainy days - Remy Shand’s “Rocksteady"
When I feel strained - I look at the sky. These days I’m happy so it goes away naturally. 
Things I want to steal from other members - Jimin’s chocolate abs since mine have started to slip away because of our busy schedules. Also, RapMon hyung’s rap skills, and his good English?! 
Members’ secrets - We all have abs. It’s just that mine have melted a bit. 
One day, I too will - [Be like] Beenzino sunbaenim and A$AP Rocky. They influence my music and fashion style. 
If we ever get to do variety shows - V is the best for it. He has 4D charm. If he just controls it well, I think he’d make everyone laugh. I’m looking forward to it. 


My nicknames - Blank Tae, TaeTae, Vee. My real name is Kim Taehyung. I’m Blank Tae because I make blank expressions sometimes, TaeTae because it’s derived from my real name, Vee because some people have trouble pronouncing my stage name. 
My image before debuting - A normal, energetic and humorous student.
When I was younger - I played the saxophone since 7th grade. After receiving advice from my dad, I decided to become a singer.
My charms - My eyes may seem blank most of the time, but they can also give off a unique feeling.
The number one cook - Suga. Knows how to make really good kimchi fried rice. I prefer sampling than cooking. Ah! There’s another episode related to cooking - the seaweed soup Jin hyung made for J-Hope hyung’s birthday. 
Background on my stage name’s creation - My grandfather is actually a naming specialist. Because of this, he’s sensitive when the subject of names comes up. I got the name “V" as a suggestion from Bang PD. It’s a good name with impact but I haven’t told my grandfather yet. I’m worried that he might get mad. (laughs)
At the dorm, the members - Spilling food is something that happens frequently at our dorm, and at times like this, the one who cleans up the mess is J-Hope. He cleans up after us neatly, just like a mom. He’s also good at folding the laundry like a mom. My role is the son. I’m in charge of the washing machine. We take care of our dirty dishes individually, Jimin is in charge of the kitchen, and RapMon hyung sweeps the floors.
Mood-maker - Of course it’s V. The members might think differently. I think they might choose Suga hyung. 
I’m the best in these kind of moments - When I’m on stage. I noticed this while monitoring myself but I look cooler than I expected during closeups. Of course it’s something achieved thanks to the hard work of the staff, but I’m satisfied. 


My nicknames - Suga. My real name is Min Yoongi but now that’s my nickname and name. 
My image before debuting - I started music in 6th grade. In middle school I learned classical composition and started writing songs daily after that. 
Am I a sweet guy? - Hm. I’m closer to straightforward Gyeongsangdo guy than sweet. But in front of fans, I’m a sweet guy.
My charms - Eye smile? 
How I deal with stress - Write lyrics like crazy. It’s something I always do but I’m used to relieving stress through music.
Music I listen to when I’m angry - Rick Ross’s “Hold Me Back"
Music holds this kind of meaning for me - All-in. If you take away music from my life, there would be nothing left. 
Things I want to steal from other members - The thing you can’t buy with money; maknae Jungkook’s age.
If I go back to being 17 years old like maknae Jungkook, I want to - Study. I want to be a good son who doesn’t rebel against what his parents tell him. 
The member who would best suit variety shows - I don’t think there’s anyone but if I had to choose, me?! (laughs)
To hip-hop newbies - It’s definitely not a difficult genre. It’s a popular type of music. Hip-hop is something that allows you to feel the sincerity of the artist. 
At the dorm, the members - When we don’t have schedules, under the command of our manager hyung, we monitor ourselves thoroughly and practice whenever we can. We live to practice! 
Something that made me happy recently - Our first fansign. Also today because it’s our first photoshoot. 


My nicknames - Jeon Jungkookie, Golden Maknae, Kookie. 
Role as the maknae - Benefit of being able to act childish. 
My image before debuting - A normal student who liked playing games and liked hip-hop.
When I was younger - I was a child with a lot of interest in the arts.
Currently, I am - A curious 17 year old. Games, cars, makeup, drawing. I normally didn’t use it but now when I receive makeup I come up with lots of questions. When you use this tool, how you use it. 
To me, Bangtan is? - Bangtan is my life~! 
Something I really want to accomplish - Composing. I’m studying it really hard. Although I’m only lightly reviewing a basic music program, I want to be a musician who writes brilliant lyrics like my hyungs. 
My favorite times of the day - Resting time, free time, eating time. I just noticed that they’re all times when I can play. (laughs) Practicing and performing on stage is also fun.
Things I want to steal from other members - Rap Monster hyung’s knowledge, Suga hyung’s diverse knowledge, J-Hope hyung’s positive mind, Jimin hyung’s persistence and effort, V hyung’s natural talent, Jin hyung’s wide shoulders.
Something I’m addicted to these days - Only music. I have my earphones on all day and listen to music. I think I’ll be like this forever. 


My nicknames - Ddochi. Since middle school, my friends said I looked like a puppy so they called me that.
Role in the team - In charge of abs. These days I don’t have time to exercise so they’re sliding off a bit. I need to restore them to their original state.
My image before debuting - I wanted to be a singer since middle school. I planned my future and told my parents about it and they happily approved.
My ideal type - A cute and charming girl. 
To me, Bangtan is - Another family that allowed me to reach my longtime dream. 
My charms - My abs aren’t actually my charm, my eyes are.
Someone I think is “cool" - I like Big Bang’s Taeyang sunbaenim and Shinhwa’s Minwoo sunbaenim and Chris Brown. 
Jimin’s gaze - You can’t find charisma in it yet. I’m only cute. I can’t even find the camera properly. (laughs)
Things I want to steal from other members - RapMon hyung’s height, V’s talent and gaze, J-Hope hyung’s cleanliness, Suga hyung’s diverse knowledge. 
I’m sexiest when - When I find the right camera while on stage and stare into it intensely. You usually can’t find sexiness in me. 
In 10 years, I will - A satisfied and publicly recognized musician. And 10 years from now, wouldn’t I be in the army…I think I’d be lonely and sad. (laughs)
To fans - Please love Bangtan lots, and watch over Jiminnie a lot! 

Source: Céci (@_kimno)
Trans cr: Christie @ bts-trans


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