BTS, made up of 7 members, Rap Monster, SUGA, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook, have drawn eyes with ‘Bang Sihyuk label Hip Hop idol’ modifier since before debut.

BTS has spent 1-3 years in training after being formed as part of Producer Bang Sihyuk’s project. During their delay in debut, they provoked a related search words ’when’s debut. I’m pissed’ along with other incidents that one can hardly laugh about.

"Now it’s a memory", they say, laughing casually at the title ’rookies who aren’t rookies’, the mature group of boys BTS shared the difficult times they’ve had pre-debut with <SportsSeoulDotCom> on the morning of the 25th.

-Being labeled as ‘Bang Sihyuk’s Idols’. Isn’t it a lot of pressure?

"Honestly, it was a lot of pressure. We’ve gone through a lot of preparation during our time as trainess, but our shoulders felt heavy from thinking we must become idols who won’t let him down, especially because he is such an outstanding figure who deserves a lot of respect.(Rap Monster)."

He has a popular image of a ‘malicious person’, but he has always been tender to us. There are lots of things I want to take up after him. He even gave me my name(V)."

"They usually assume that he named us ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ becausee we were raised by him, but that’s a misconception. It has a hidden profound meaning of reflecting life’s bullets and resisting them (laughs). Does it sound too high-flown(SUGA)?"

-Tell us about trainee days.

"There were many times during training that I’ve wanted to give up. Idols who’ve debuted with great difficulty may empathize; it was very difficult. While training with J-Hope, I thought we were neglected trainees because there weren’t any new members being recruited and added(laughs). There were times I wanted to cry from the monotonous routine in a dorm, away from parents. But recalling it now, it’s become a fond memory(Rap Monster)"

"My friends and family asked when in the world I’m going to debut….Whenever they did, I grew scared. I really wonderd if BTS was really training to never exist. But there was nowhere I could get a confirmation from, so it was frustrating. It felt like all my friends who practiced with me were debuting(J-Hope)." 

"I resented Bang Sihyuk PD (laughs). He’s someone I respect, but at that time I despised him. So one time, I left in the middle of practice and went to find Bang Sihyuk PD to tell him I’m quitting. I saw it like a bold declaration, but after a great bout of scolding, I ended up reluctantly walking back to the practice room to practice (laughs). Back then my mind was narrow because all I ever did was practice, but now that I look back to it, I think Bang Sihyuk PD had given us just the right amount of time. We got to make all the music we wanted during that period. I could say, because of this, BTS could exist(SUGA)."

source: SportsSeoul

Trans cr; Juliana @ bts-trans


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