‘A cute face and abs?…Heart throbbing!’

An imposing rookie group has arised. It hasn’t yet been one month since debut, but they are already ‘rookies who are not rookies’. Bangtan Boys (Rap Monster, SUGA, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook), and this is their story.

Despite being a seldom seen rookie idol group founded on Hip Hop, they’ve drawn eyes when all 7 members participated in composing, writing lyrics, and choreography in their first debut album. Among these, their sexy ‘blade-like group dance’ is a bonus. 

The greatly-skilled rookies Bangtan Boys said humbly yet with confidence, “There is no rivalry. The truth is we’re busy going down our own path". On the morning of the 25th, <SportsSeoul.Com> had a diverse conversation with these boys in the in-company venture.

◆ Who are we?, We are Bangtan Boys who keep off the world’s bullets

- Please give us a refreshing rookie-like self introduction. 

I am Bangtan’s leader Rap Monster (20·Kim Namjoon) who raps like a monster. I am in charge of destruction in the team (laughs). It’s a nickname I’ve earned because I end up breaking everything I touch.

I am Jin(22·Kim Seokjin) who is in charge of ‘Cleaning Mom’ in BTS. It is my job to pick up after the mess Rap Monster leaves around in the dorm.

I am SUGA(21·Min Yoongi) who shows off his white skin and sweet looks (laughs). I’m embarrassed. I am in charge of nagging and discipline, so the members call me Father. My specialty is taking a load off my feet to portray a typical father.

I think I have the best name in my team. I am J-Hope(20·Jung Hoseok), and my name was cited from the story of Pandora’s Box. You could say I am the most ‘hopeful existence’ in my team, just like my name.

Hello, I am V(19·Kim Taehyung). My name was given by Bang Sihyuk PD. At first, it was confusing because we weren’t sure if it should be pronounced ‘Veu-i’ or ‘Vwee’ (laughs). I am in charge of regional dialects.

Hello, I am Jimin(19·Park Jimin). I am in charge of abs in the team (laughs). I have an ‘ironic charm’ of a cute face and tight abs.  

Hello, I am Jungkook(17·Jeon Jungkook). I am in charge of being maknae not only in my team, but also in the entire mainstream music industry. So I’m confident in being cute (laughs).

-Your group title is eccentric. What are some reasons you debuted under the BangTanSoNyeonDan name?

To put it short, it’s a name filled with love and hate. We got teased a lot by our friends and acquaintances. We’ve heard countless questions asking , ‘Are you really debuting with that name?’. Even our family poked fun at it (laughs). We’re used to it now. Our company has always called us Bangtan Boys, even before debut. It is a name that grew on us over time and a name we’ve become attached to. Well, if we really must say its meaning, it has a profound meaning of shielding life’s ‘bullets’ (laughs). Can we say it’s a name that embodies the thoughts of our young(?) generation? I’m sorry. It’s corny, isn’t it (laughs)? 

-Please talk about the title song ‘No More Dream’.

The debut track ‘No More Dream’ is a song that reinterprets gangster rap of the 90’s with the sensibility of 2013. We participated in its making firs-thand. We’re pitching questions of “what is your dream?" to adolescents. We decided on the song’s concept, choreography, and outfits after discussing among the members. After all this, it is a song that we feel very attached to.

◆  ‘Rookie idol’ BTS’s rival “perhaps it’s ourselves?" 

-We’ve heard you’ve gone through a long training period.

I’ve trained for more than 3 years. SUGA and J-Hope, as well. The other members joined us and we lived together for more than a year as trainees (Rap Monster).

-It sounds like you’ve gone through a lot. Wasn’t it difficult?

Don’t get us started. Rap Monster, J-Hope, and I stayed as only trainees for a long time. New members weren’t being recruited, so I felt anxious and restless. People around us kept asking, ‘when in the world are you debuting?’.

I got sick and tired of the endless, repetitve practices and routine, so I went and complained to Bang Sihyuk PD. I said I would quit, though I was only putting myself into a big trouble and found it useless afterward(laughs). During that time, I resented Bang Sihyuk PD because I thought he had selected us only to neglect us afterwards. But after debut, I’ve realized that wasn’t the case and that he was only giving us sufficient time to freely work on our music (SUGA).

-Rookie idols often mention BTS as their rivals.

Really (laughs)? I am so grateful…when I hear things like this I don’t know what to do with myself. I only feel like I should be working harder. There isn’t a group in particular who we feel is our rival. They all seem to be brimming with individuality, but we haven’t had much leisure to check them out lately while tending to our own rice bowls (T/N: bringing in one’s salaries, tending to one’s work) (laughs).

-There are exceptionally skilled rappers and dancers among the members. Why did you particularly choose to debut as idols?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions like this (laughs). There are some fans who were disappointed. We thought about this a lot. After much reflection and consideration, we concluded that it would be best to choose a path that allows our music to reach the biggest audience, be it under the title of idols or musicians. I think the only important thing is to never lose our music’s roots. And it’s my responsibility to work hard to preserve that in the future.

I was an underground rapper for a long time. I have a goal. I want to be the bridge between main stream music and underground Hip Hop. They’re so busy slandering each other. It’s probably too soon to say I want to unite the two; I’d sound pretty bombastic, won’t I (laughs)? As long as I can make good music, it doesn’t matter if I’m an idol or an underground rapper (SUGA).

-What is your short-term resolution for 2013?

It’s a commonplace answer, but of course it’s the Rookie Award! Since it is something you can obtain once as a rookie, wouldn’t it be every rookie group’s dream? But since unique is good, I’ll make another pledge. If we win Rookie Award, all of the members, not just Jimin, will reveal our abs (laughs). We should start working out!

source: SportsSeoul
Trans cr; Juliana @ bts-trans


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